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Pastoral Formation

Episcopal Formation
Course $600

Doctor of Episcopal Ministry

The Pentecostal Episcopacy

The Licensed Minister/Reader

These programs are currently being reformatted and reworked for the beginning of the Winter Semester. Click on the Link above to follow the progress of the development of the programs.

The Institute of Convergence Studies

Our goal at The Institute is to teach the Faith that was once delivered unto the Saints (Jude3). We do this by presenting the Faith through course that represents the Three Streams of the Faith - Catholic, Evangelical, and Pentecostal. Our Ethos is pre-schism 1054 or Reformed Catholicism focus on Jerusalem with a slight Anglican flavor.

We are primarily looking at the Faith of the first 4 to 5 centuries of Christianity when it was at its zenith. This ancient faith held to prima scriptura. It had respect for the traditions and testimony of the church as long as they did not contradict the scriptures as the early fathers would say.

This church had a growing and developing liturgy. It ministry was in transformation to becoming a christian priesthood. It had disciplines and practices that made it authentic and a faith that would transform the world.

We offer a one to two year program of online study and on-site intensives that will assist in clerical formation and development for the cleric and the bishop. Our Episcopal Formation Program can also lead to a Doctor of Episcopal Ministry Degree for those who are qualified.

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