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Anyone is welcome to attend The Congress of Apostles and Bishops, but not all can be members of this August Synod of Leaders. As such, membership is open to apostles and bishops, and other clerics who desire to be a part of an ecumenical gathering that believes in and respects both the offices of bishop and apostle. Those who are also in agreement with the Concordat and our other ecumenically binding legislation.

Apostles and bishops have full membership in COAAB, and all other clerics and laity have associate membership. Membership and ecumenical partnership is also open to reformations, communions, fellowships, and churches who would love to share in our mission as The Congress of Apostles and Bishops.

For individuals, to become a member of COAAB you must:

1. Register for the Annual Congress of COAAB in September and submit registration fee. No membership into this August Synod will be processed without submitting the registration fee.

2. Each member is expected to become a covenant partner and sow at least $50 or more as a monthly seed offering into COAAB. The registration fee should be paid annually whether you are able to attend or not. It serves as an annual membership fee for members of COAAB. An annual fellowship card will be issued annually to all members who have been sowing and registering each year for the Annual Congress.

3. Agree to the Concordat, Statement of Ethics, Doctrinal Standard and submit copies of your credentials (license/deacon license, presbyterial ordination and episcopal/affirmation) using the form on this page. You can submit your credentials online via email to Use the form on this page to express your consent to the above. You will be asked to submit letters or have letters submitted attesting to your fitness by co-laborers in ministry and or a bishop whom knows you personally. The COAAB Membership & Ordination Committee will walk you through the process. A background check maybe requested, especially if you plan to be a part of the leadership in COAAB. You will be asked to attend a freshman bishop's class either virtually or in-person during COAAB.

4. Commit to support COAAB through your prayers, attendance at the COAAB Annual Congress and other COAAB events and financial gifts as you are able.

5. Receive receipt of your acceptance as a member from the Office of the Archbishop-Metropolitan of the Congress and/or the Membership and Ordination Committee

6. Understand that you will be initially received as a probationary member until the Midterm or Annual Congress, when you will be received in during a reception and covenant ceremony in September as a full member.

Fellowships, reformations, communions, and churches wishing to join must:

1. Submit a $500 registration fee when applying; this fee is due annually.

2. Agree to our Concordat, Statement of Ethics, and Doctrinal Standard.

3. Agree to follow our ordinal and order when it comes to training and vetting bishops, if you desire for them to enjoy our episcopal apostolic succession and if they wish to have their succession recognized by our ecumenical partners.

4. Understand that COAAB and the body joining will discuss the relationship between the two entities based on the canons of COAAB as a part of the membership process, not seeking to consume the other body but labor together.

Use the form below to apply for membership. Please note you must also register to attend the Annual Congress to complete the process. No membership will be processed without first submitting the membership fee. The membership fee (annually $250) is used to do a background check on you. Refusal to submit to a background check is grounds for refusal of membership in this Synod. The Scriptures tells us that we should KNOW them that labor among us!

Once you are approved for membership, you will be expected to register and attend the Annual Congress. You do not have to be a member to attend the Annual Congress, but you have to apply for membership in order to receive our ordination and consecration and other benefits.

The membership fee is non-refundable! If you submit a membership request without the fee it will not be process. Once the fee has been submitted then a member of our Membership and Ordination Committee will contact by you phone and/or email to seek your permission for a background check and to introduce you to COAAB.

If you are already consecrated, submit your documents to

Send your letters of request for consecration to as well as proof of your ordination as elder/presbyter in the Lord's Church.

Use the general fund link to submit membership fee.

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Check all that you are in agreement and accept. You must be agreement with all to be a member of COAAB
Are you?

Thank you for submitting your registration application. If you haven't yet, please pay your registration fee on our donate page.

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