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I am in one accord with the Statement of Faith and the membership requirements of The Congress of Apostles and Bishops (COAAB). I will always conduct myself in a manner becoming to Christ Jesus and His Kingdom…in word, in spirit, and in conversation. I will never give cause for accusations to be made against me in the conduct of my personal affairs or public ministry. I am willing to accept counsel and advice from COAAB, submitting myself in love, understanding that COAAB has the authority to revoke my membership if my conduct becomes a reproach to the ministry. I accept my membership in COAAB as a PRIVILEGE and NOT a right. I also understand that COAAB reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any member at any time if, in the judgment of the Archbishop, Advisory Board and or Synod, such action is deemed necessary to safeguard COAAB's ideals of Christian and moral character. I understand that my acceptance of the entire Code of Honor completes a contract between COAAB and I, which is a prerequisite for my membership.

1. I PLEDGE to seek after the heart of God and apply myself to be conformed to His image in all areas of my life.

2. I PLEDGE to continually seek the current flow of the Holy Spirit in each and every unique move He gives to the body of Christ without compromising scriptural integrity.

3. I PLEDGE to live a lifestyle that gives honor to God and abstain from questionable actions that would harm my testimony as a minister or discredit the body of Christ. This encompasses all biblical standards given by the Word of God morally, socially, and legally.

4. I PLEDGE to maintain a proper biblical order for my home and family.

5. I PLEDGE to operate in integrity within the financial operation of my home and ministry.

6. I PLEDGE to operate within the constraints of confidentiality between ministers.

7. I PLEDGE to give myself to a ministry of restoration of fallen ministers and parishioners as they cooperate with that process.

I, THERFORE RESOLVED TO ACCEPT the following, to wit:


1. The Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as the revealed Word of God which contain all things necessary unto salvation. That salvation is obtained by grace through faith in Christ alone according to the Scriptures;


2. The Historic Creeds (Apostles and/or Nicene Creed) as the sufficient statement of the Christian faith with the defining principle of Prima Scriptura, which is Scripture First; the First Four Ecumenical Councils of the Undivided Church as far as they agree with Holy Scriptures and the Christological statements of the Last Three Councils as far as they agree with Holy Scriptures;


3. The Two Sacraments—Baptism and the Supper of the Lord—ministered with unfailing use of Christ's words of institution and of the elements ordained by Him. The other rites to be considered sacramental but not according to Scripture meeting the full standard of a sacrament. They are considered holy and worthy of our respect. This does not limit those among us some of whom accept the 7 Traditional Sacraments from calling the others not mention above sacraments; we confess that Christ is really truly spiritually present in the Eucharist, but we leave the how He is present beyond that as a mystery;


4. The Episcopate, locally adapted in the methods of its administration to the varying needs of the nations and peoples called of God into the unity of His Church, which includes an Episcopate that consists of Apostles serving as episcopates in their own right according to the Scriptures in Acts 1:20, Acts 20:28, Eph 4:11, 1 Timothy 3:1,2;


5. Belief in the present-day active ministry of the Holy Spirit in His Church and an active anticipation of the sign gifts in the Church;


6. A high view of the Church, for he who would have God for his Father has the Church for his mother. That this Church is to further the reach of the Kingdom of our God on this Earth. So that we may do as commanded occupy ‘til Jesus comes;


7. An acceptance of the validity of each other's apostolic sanction as coming from God Almighty, apostolic succession directly from Christ Jesus the Apostle of our confession, and sacramental orders each coming by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. This succession is either Historic or Doctrinal as defined by Tertullian;


8. Acknowledging that Biblical Marriage is between one man and one woman. That this is God’s plan from the Garden of Eden and any sexual relations outside of that is fornication. Scripture commands us to flee fornication;


9. Forbidding fights over Baptism, but agreeing to accept and acknowledge each other's baptism whether done in the Triune Name or in Jesus Name only. For us it is not the formula that is said, but the act that is done that is important. For we have been buried with Christ in Baptism and raised to walk with Him in the newest of life;


10. Acknowledging that Jesus is the God-man and that in Him is the fullness of the God-head bodily. Therefore, He is to be worshipped, glorified and honored. The Father has exalted Him and gave Him a name which is above every name. That Jesus is one with the Father and the Spirit. One God in Three Persons, this mystery is beyond our comprehension. So we refused to fight over the details but acknowledge that Jesus is Fully God and Fully Man. The Holy Spirit is not an active force, but is God.


No one can be a part of COAAB who does not accept the divinity of Christ.

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