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Archbishop Thomas Henry, Jr. is the founding president of The Congress of Apostles and Bishops. He is a modern-day apostle and patriarch with an assignment to bring apostles and bishops together, to train clergy and church leaders and expand the reach of the Kingdom of God. He has ministered across denominational lines and from coast to coast in the United States. He is no stranger to ecumenism. He believes in Convergence and Paleo-Orthodoxy. He, along with the leadership of COAAB, have collaborated with the Eastern Orthodox and other Christians in the Pentecostal-Orthodox Meet and Greet Sessions that were being held throughout the country, primarily with the Orthodox Church in America.

His vision for COAAB can be found in his Five-Year Strategic Plan for COAAB:


1. To provide a congress that is low-cost to those attending, but that is second to none;

2. To provide quality materials and information on the bishopric, apostleship, and other aspects of church ministry;

3. To assist up and coming communions in development, implementation of vision, and recognition of ministry;

4. Ecumenical relations and dialogue with other Christian denominations and churches, and fellowships;

5. Foster cooperation between bishops, apostles, and their communions;

6. To provide a venue so that the communions represented in COAAB may be able to do national and international mission and evangelistic projects; and

7. Provide a venue and voice so that we may corporately speak truth to power and so much more.

It is our establishmentarian's belief, along with all of COAAB, that you need to join this growing synod of episcopates & church bodies, and be a part of this revolution in ministry. COAAB is destined to change the landscape of Pentecostalism and Convergence Christianity, restoring order within the chaos of Western Christendom, and that of Eastern Christendom too.

Come and let us REASON together! 

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