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Apostolic Communion of Churches

The Rev'd Thomas Henry Jr., Archbishop-METROPOLITAN




Who Are We?

We are after primitive Christianity (Acts chapters 2 & 15), a Conciliar Church.

The Word of God contain in the Old and New Testaments as containing all things necessary unto salvation and holiness.

The Two Historic Creeds of the Church - Apostles' and Nicene.

An Episcopacy locally adapted to the needs of God's people which is inclusive of the apostleship.

The two historic Sacraments : The Supper of the Lord and Baptism.

A regular celebration of the Lord's Table.

The Present-day ministry of the Holy Spirit

Evangelical Christianity and the Pentecostal/Charismatic Experience

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For More Information

Click here Apostolic Communion of Churches to access the communion website and to submit and application

The Seal of the Communion

Membership Benefits

- Ordination, Recognition, Affiliation

- Continuing Education

- Conferences, Seminars, Training Sessions

- Church Growth and Development

- Access to our Apostolic Council

- and so much more! 


Bishops and Leaders who are members of COAAB who have no Communion or Fellowship affiliation are covered by the Archbishop's pastoral ministry through the Apostolic Communion of Churches.

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