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Welcome to the official website of The Congress of Apostles and Bishops (COAAB). Here you will find information on our Synod, news and other important information about the life and work of our Synod here in the USA, and around the world in other countries. You can also register for The Institute of Episcopal Formation, the Annual Congress, the Midterm Congress, and make a financial donation towards the work and ministry of COAAB and its synod of bishops and clerics.



The Congress of Apostles and Bishops is a synod of episcopates and apostolic leaders, and their communions, reformations, and fellowships from among the Convergence Movement, High Church Pentecostalism, and Independent Catholicism and Continuing Anglicanism.

The Congress of Apostles and Bishops brings together the apostles and bishops from these diverse backgrounds together for dialogue, especially being an ecumenical voice for those Pentecostals and Convergence among others, and being the center of training for clergy and laity.


As an ecumenical gathering of apostles and bishops, and their jurisdictions, COAAB is united for the greater good of the body of Christ—empowering the same to do the work of the ministry on a national and international level.

Through COAAB, ORDER, INTEGRITY, and ACCOUNTABILITY is brought back into the Church, without the rigidity of the Pharisees and overbearing liberalism of the Sadducees. In this COAAB professes the one Triune God, confessing the Nicene and Apostles' Creeds, sacraments that communicate grace, the Bible of the Old and New Testament to be the Word of God and containing all things necessary unto salvation, and the 4 councils and the Christological formations of the last 3 as far as they are agreeable with Holy Writ—all without being Roman, Anglican, or Orthodox. A living expression of the Church universal.

Join us every September as we work to change the face of Western Christianity by bringing order in the midst of chaos.


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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 1-877-76COAAB or fill out the following form below.

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