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Welcome to Our Website!

Welcome to the official website of The Congress of Apostles and Bishops (COAAB). Here you will find information on our Synod, news and other important information about the life and work of our Synod here in the USA and around the world in other countries. You can also register for the Institute of Convergence Studies, The Annual Congress, The Midterm Congress, and make a financial donation towards the work and ministry of this Congress and its Synod of Bishops and Clerics.

Theme for the Year:

Go and Make Disciples!

"The Reunion"

COAAB Annual Congress in Atlanta September 27-30

St Luke United Methodist Church

& October 1, 2023

Sunday @ The Cathedral

Click on the Link above to register!

Are you interested in being consecrated through COAAB? 

Then you must:

1. Apply to be accepted into our ordination program by going through our vetting process. You must meet the Biblical Qualifications for Consecration as a bishop which shall also include a background check and other reports as necessary to determine your worthiness and fitness for said ministry. You must agree with our doctrinal standards as found in the Concordat and in the Apostles and Nicene Creeds. We believe marriage, as instituted by God in Genesis 1 & 2, is to be between one man and one woman and that institution should not be broken asunder by anyone.

The Bible tells us to know them that labor among us!

2. You must register and take our Episcopal Formation Class/Freshmen Bishops' Course.

3. Become an active member of the Congress of Apostles and Bishops (COAAB). Annual membership fee is $250 which covers annual and midterm conferences. You will be issued a membership card based on whether you have submitted the membership fee and registered for the Annual Congress and Midterm Congress.

No exceptions to this rule - credentials are revoked and will be legally requested to be return to our office if you fail to remain an active member of COAAB.

4. Support the ministry of the Congress, Archbishop, and the COAAB Apostolic Council which shall include attendance at the Annual Congress in Atlanta, the Midterm Congress (if able), and contributing financially to the Congress on a regular basis.  

We reserve the right to refuse any registration for any reason!

Please Note the following:

Registration for the Annual Congress and the Midterm Congress shall be opened to all apostles, bishops, clerics, and laity who wish to attend and worship together with us according to our distinctive testimony, doctrine, ethos, and discipline and to those who wish to take the training classes that are being offered during the annual and midterm sessions.

Registration does not equal membership in the Congress of Apostles and Bishops. Nor does registration for COAAB events mean approval of any particular church's doctrine or beliefs concerning any lifestyle choices that may be different from those we believe are espoused in Holy Scripture. Nor does registration guarantee ordination of any kind from COAAB or its bishops.

"Rethinking the Pentecostal Episcopacy!"

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