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Doors of Hope

Doors of Hope is the Social Service and Community Development arm of the C.O.A.A.B. which allows us the chance to impact our communities and speak on the issues that face our communities, nation and the world.

This organization acts as a national resource center that helps us reach into every state COAAB has members and do the work of the kingdom. We help bring hope to the hopeless. We fight poverty, hunger and disease. We provide shelters for the homeless. We help individuals find jobs. We speak up for those who have no voice so that the marginalize may be heard as well.

It is our assignment to speak to injustices that are facing various people in this nation. We boldly declare BLACK LIVES MATTER and ALL LIVES MATTER. We are about empower a people that have been marginalize and giving them HOPE - a Door of HOPE!


We give Hope to the Hopeless, Help to the Helpless, Joy to the Joyless and Life to the Lifeless by providing doors and windows of opportunities (HOPE).

- Job placement

- Emergency Assistant

- Empowerment programs

- Homeless Shelter and Soup Kitchens

- Thrift Stores

- Speaking on Social Issues

- Free Clinics and so much more.

(Some programs are in development)

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