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Sacramental Theology

Objective and Focus

  • You will understand what is a Sacrament and what are the sacraments of the Church.
  • You will understand why the reformed view of the Sacraments.
  • You will understand the history behind the sacraments and how sacramental theology developed.
  • You will understand why Sacraments and Succession go hand in hand.
  • You will understand by what is meant by NO CLERGY, NO CHURCH AND NO SACRAMENTS.

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Week 2 - Sacramental Theology




The Scripture Reading for this week's assignment is

Matthew 28, Romans 6, 1 Corinthians 10 & 11

What is Sacramental Theology? What is a Sacrament? Should we call them Ordinances or Sacraments and why?

What is a Mystery?

What are the Two Gospel Sacraments?

What are the other Sacramentals discussed in this lesson?

What is transubstantiation? Consubstantiation? Symbolic View and the Reformed View? State who holds to each of those views.

Why does the congress hold to a Reformed Real Spiritual Presence view?

Who was Zwingli?

What is the Eucharist? What are the other names for this Sacrament?

Water Baptism: Three types of ways of administering Baptism.

Apostles Creed and Baptism - what is the connection?

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