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We are about providing resources for church planters and those who are looking to revitalize their struggling churches. We have training classes and workbooks that will assist you in growing your ministry.

It is our goal to produce churches where the Word of God is preached, Worship that is both modern and ancient take place that glorify God and people are empowered by the Holy Spirit to change the world in which they live.

We change the world by demostrating the gospel of Christ not only through preaching and worship but also through programs that feed the hungry, provide shelter for the homeless and that clothes the naked.

Let us help you! It you are interesting in Funding such an endeavor consider partnering with us for the advance of the Kingdom of God.

Our Launch Plan

Our Launch Plan is simple. We train church planters and show them how to plant a growing church that will plant other churches.

We help them develop a plan to raise funds to finance their church plant and if possible, connect them with those who are willing to sow into such a church plant.

Our plan involves developing a team of 25 to 50 people as the initial membership/leadership base of the new plant. Help find a building that requires a little leasehold improvements that can be converted into a church seating at least 100 to 150 persons. Put them in touch with vendors who can provide quality equipment for a low-cost.

Show them how to develop a ministry budget that is conducive to growth and expansion. Help them develop community outreach programs that will change their communities.

Each church plant will be required to find a Sponsoring Church.

Each Church plant or revitalized church will be required to give back to new church plants through our program by donating monthly 10% of their budget back into the church planting network.

For already existing church -

A coaching team that will come in to assess and make recommendations and help implement a program that is conducive to church growth and development of your church.  

On this Page

We feature church plants or other churches that need support in the work that they are trying to do. We are birthing a Church Planting Network.

Helping Pastors Excel

Our Goal is to raise up healthy, spirit-filled, word and kingdom-minded Churches in every community the Lord calls and sends us.

  • We looking for those who desire to plant a church that will plant other churches
  • Existing Churches that need help and that desire to become a church that plant churches.

We will


new and existing work.

Use the Donate link on this page to support our church planting endeavors.

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New Church Plants

St Thomas Cathedral - Atlanta, GA

This is the Church plant that Archbishop Henry is planting in the Atlanta Area in 2016. We are beginning to gather a team together now.

We will incorporate the church and do the legal work January 2016

We will begin our team development and hold launch team meetings in February 2016. Also in February, we will start our fund raising efforts with Pre-Launch Services and soliciting donations online, from friends and families and churches and businesses.

In March 2016, we will began to hold weekly bible studies and weekend services at a temporary location as we look towards a projected official launch date in April. We will look into securing a more permanent location that is conducive to growth and ministry.

In April 2016, starting with a week long event of services we ill invite the community and churches out to help us celebrate the launch of this new ministry. We will also began community outreach programs in various neighborhoods in the Metro to reach the unchurch with the gospel of Christ.

The Minimum Financial Goal for this Plant is $18,500

- 6 months rent/lease - 6 months x $600 = $3600

- Pulpit podium and Communion table - $600

- We already have some sound equipment. There is a need for Mics and CD players - $300

- Marketing and Evangelism - $2000

- Insurance - $1500

- Licenses and fees - $300

- Utilities and Phone - 6 months x $500 = $3500

- Musicians Drummer $60 a week Organist at $150 a week = about $4000 for six months

- Miscellaneous $2700

Staffing is not included above

Staffing for 6 months

$15000 - Pastor

$5000 - Music & Arts Pastor

Which will bring the initial Church plant finance goals to $40,000

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