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The COAAB Corporation

The COAAB Annual Congress

The Episcopal Training Institute, Inc.

Helping Pastors Excel

a 501 c 3 Not for Profit Corporation

Archbishop Thomas Henry Jr - President/CEO/Archbishop


The Gospel of Christ and the teachings of his Church guide the work of the COAAB. The work of the Congress is rooted in following general mission goals and organized into several key areas of responsibility.

  • To act collaboratively and consistently on vital issues confronting the Church and society
  • To foster communion with the Church in other nations, within the Church universal, under the leadership of COAAB archbishop-primus and the Congress Synod.
  • To offer appropriate assistance to each bishop, apostle and cleric in fulfilling his particular ministry in the local and general Church.
  • To be a living expression of the Body of Christ to the World in Word, Worship and Deed.
  • To make known the reconciling love of God in Christ Jesus
  • To sanction, decree and recognition churches, communions and reformations and provide for the acceptance and accreditation of their clergy by all members of this Congress.
  • To provide training, networking and inspiration to all members of this institution
  • To provide resources that will enhance and develop as well as assist our members in their ministry to the Body of Christ.
  • To hold public services of worship, liturgies, festivals, conferences, congresses and convocations; to celebrate all the sacraments and rites of our Redemption and to provide for the ordination of clergy that can celebrate the same.
  • To do all things necessary to further the goals and missions of this Corporate body and Church.

COAAB, COAB, COAAB ANNUAL CONGRESS, Its symbols, logos and etc are all own by The COAAB Corporation and all rights are reserved. The COAAB Corporation reserves the right to regulate the usage of such according to law.

It you are not an agent of COAAB then you need to get permission to use such.

Doors of Hope, COAAB Admin Services, The Episcopal Training Institute, Inc., and other Companies and services are all a part of the COAAB family.

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