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This week's lesson gives a brief review of the Holy Scriptures. Explains why our Bible has 66 books. Why preaching is so important? We deal with the idea of the teaching office and doing the work of the evangelist. We give background data on the Scripture original text.

It is our aim that Students will be strengthen in their belief that God authored Scripture. That it is indeed God-breathe. That scripture is reliable. That Scripture is good for doctrine, correction and for helping mankind live a holy life.

As I was recording part two, someone was outside firing fire-crackers which is the popping noise you hear in the background of the video.

Holy Scriptures - Part 1

Holy Scripture Part 2

Holy Scripture - Part 3

Holy Scripture - Part 4

Week 1 Lesson

Week 1 Notes

Week 1 Assignment

Scripture Reading Associated with this Assignment.

2 Timothy 3

Hebrews 4:12

Defined Inspiration.

What do we mean by the phrase -

Scripture is God-Breathe?

What is the Apocrypha? Why is it not in our canon?

The Difference between Interpretation and Application

What is the difference between sola scriptura and solo scriptura?

Research - What books did Clement of Rome list as Scripture and where did you find the information

Submit the assignments in WORD format to

Participate in the Forum Discussions and Questions that are being asked by the teacher and other COAAB members.

Read the following

(click on the link)

The Holy Scriptures: Verbally Inspired

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