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Helping Our Pastors Excel(TM)

COAAB is developing a program that can be utilize by the various communions represented among its membership that will HELP OUR PASTORS EXCEL (H.O.P.E.) in ministry and other areas. This program will help advance the kingdom of God and help grow the local church.

This program has many different components to it such as:

1. Providing short-term financing to Pastors in need

2. Assisting pastors in growth and staff development

3. Assisting Pastors in finding creative ways to provide alternative income for themselves without having to strain the church budget and without them having to work multiple jobs.

4. Financing short-term evangelistic-mission teams to assist smaller ministries in the area of mission and evangelism.

5. Ministerial Training and Leadership development

and so much more.

These programs are made possible by gifts from Friends of COAAB, the Business Sector and the COAAB membership.

As always thanks for your support!

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Use the Link to the Left to support the H.O.P.E. Program - Helping Our Pastors Excel

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