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  • I am unable to attend this year, how can I get the Syllabus and other materials being made available to the delegates?

Register for the congress and state in the line that asked who invited you that you are unable to attend and the material will be mail out after the close of the Congress. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

  • Can I join as an individual?

Full Membership is open to all apostles and bishops who are duly consecrated and affirmed. Associate membership is open to all other clerics and lay persons as well. You MUST meet our membership requirements to join the COAAB Synod.

  • Does the size of my fellowship have any bearing on my acceptance in COAAB?

No! The size of your fellowship does not have any bearing on whether or not you are accepted into COAAB. We only ask for the information found in the Membership Application, agreement with our Statement of Ministerial Ethics and the 2013 Resolution.

  • Can anyone attend the Annual Congress?

Yes! The Church does not consist only of Bishops and Apostles. Though our main mission is to support the ministry of Bishops and Apostles; we provide training to all levels of ministry in the Church. We believe the ministry of the church consists of the various orders: Laity, Deacons, Presbyters, Bishops and Apostles. The public worship services during the Congress is open to the public and the General/Breakout sessions are open to all who have registered and paid their registration fees.

  • Does this Congress believe in Apostles?

Yes! The ministry, office and work of the Apostles has not ceased in the Church. Ephesians chapter 4 is proof of that. Though the twelve were a unique class unto themselves, there are at least 100 apostles mentioned in Scripture that were not a part of the original twelve. Note that Matthias, Paul, Barnabas, Apollos, Timothy, Titus, the Seventy and others are mentioned as apostles in Holy Scripture.

  • Is COAAB a fellowship?

No! COAAB is an alliance, an ecumenical body of leaders, Churches and Fellowships organized to represent the One, Holy, Catholic (Universal) and Apostolic Church on a National and International basis. This Congress and its Synod when its meet and through its various ministries represents the Church of Jesus Christ.

  • What is the COAAB Synod?

The Synod is the Ecumenical Body of the Congress where the Bishops, Apostles, Clerics and the Laity unite to speak truth to power, address the issues facing the Body of Christ and well as provide accreditation for our member's Holy Orders. The Synod through its Ecumenical Court will address issues of Simony, Depositions and other cases referred to it by its members. It decisions shall be considered final by all involved.

What fees am I as a member of COAAB responsible for?

In addition to the registration fee, each member is asked to partner with the congress on a monthly basis with a seed of $25 or more.

The Early Registration Fee varies from year to year.

  • Does COAAB consecrate Bishops and Apostles?
  • The Churches and Fellowships in Communion with COAAB can recommend candidates for consecration through COAAB. Any others must be willing to join COAAB, be vetted by our Vicar of Ministerial Development, be trained in our Episcopal Disciplines, attend the Annual Congress and go through the process to properly set up your Communion as an Autocephalous or an Autonomous Communion. The application fee to began the process is $200 and a background check must be submitted with application. There will be training materials, classes, and exams given before there is a recommendation for consecration to the congress's synod.
  • Does COAAB ordain Presbyters and Deacons?

It is not our practice to ordain Presbyters and Deacons, but at the request of our members we will extend the privilege of being ordained at the Annual Congress to Presbyters and Deacons for those clerics to whom they would like to give such an honor too. Such an ordination will be done by the leadership of the Congress at a special service during the Congress using the Sacramentary of the Congress.

  • Is COAAB just another College of Bishops?

No! We are more than just another college of bishops. We don't just train our members to dress like bishops and apostles. We teach them how to be real authentic bishops, apostles and clerics in the Lord's Church who proclaim the Faith of the Church and duly celebrate the sacraments of our Lord. We foster inter-communion and full communion among our members as well as with churches of other Christian Faith traditions. We are in pursuit of looking like and representing Christ's One, Holy, Catholic (Universal) and Apostolic Church in this part of His Vineyard.

We are not in pursuit of claiming orders that will not be accepted by our brethren, nor compiling multiple lines of succession. This Congress is organized to be an authentic expression of the Holy Church of Christ and invites others to join us in this journey of Faith.

  • Concerning Donations

All registration fees are non-refundable, but may be transferable to the next congress if the notice is given before the Saturday closing of the Congress the person has registered for. After which, it becomes non-transferable. Registrations will not be transferable, if the delegate asked to receive the conference material in lieu of attendance.

Concerning donations received. Though reasonable efforts will be made globally to use donations as designated, all donations become the property of COAAB [a 501 (c) 3 organization] and will be used at the COAAB’s sole discretion to further COAAB’s overall mission.

  • Concerning Certificates, Succession Books and other services

If you supply the wording and content, COAAB will design your certificates and Succession Booklet as well as print them out professionally for a reasonable fee. 50% deposit is required and the balance is DUE when the project is finish before it is delivered.

COAAB is available to assist you in the development of your By-laws and Canons for your dioceses and Communions and the By-laws for your local church. This is consider consultant work. The fees are determined on a case by case basis. 50% deposit is required up front and balance is due before work is delivered through COAAB Church Administrative Services.

  • The Disclaimer

Attendance at the COAAB Congress does not mean we endorse your ministry nor support your doctrinal positions. All COAAB members are required to subscribe to the Concordat and COAAB doctrinal positions. Being a delegate to the Annual Congress does not necessarily means one is a member of COAAB. COAAB reserves the right to refuse and excluded anyone that does not meet it membership requirements. COAAB reserves the right to exclude anyone as a delegate to its Annual Congress as well.

COAAB membership requirements will be made available to prospective members upon request.

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