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Looking for Ordination as a Bishop or as an Apostle - COAAB does consecrate bishops. You must be recommended by your primate or elected by the communion you will oversee as bishop and you must join COAAB. If you are an independent bishop or apostle, then you must join COAAB. No one will be consecrated without becoming a member of COAAB. The Leadership of COAAB will go over the process with you.

1. YOU HAVE TO JOIN THE CONGRESS SYNOD. No one will be consecrated who does not join this synod. This involves becoming an active member of the Congress and financially supporting the work.

2. You must agree to our concordat and doctrinal standards.

3. You will be vetted by our Committee of Consecrations and taken through our formation process. It will involve studying our Episcopal Formation Study Program.

4. We also require a background check, credit report, copies of any credentials and etc. We are told in Scripture to KNOW them that labor among us.

 A medical/psychiatric examine is required. Garment fee is $150 (covers the purchasing of a red chasuble and stole and alb). You will also need a pectoral cross/w chain and a ring. The Episcopal Formation Class is $200. Taking the class is no guarantee of consecration.

5. There will be an written exam and paper done and submitted before you are even considered for consecration

6. Other particulars will be discuss as the process progresses including anything that is needed that is required to satisfy all the legal requirements.

7. No honorarium is required, but all gifts are welcome. Consecration takes place during the Annual Congress in September. All bishops and bishops-elects completing our intensive training and passing the exam will receive a Certificate of Completion.

You must meet our membership standards, agree to our bishop's covenant, and agree with our concordat and doctrinal position to be even consecrated in September at the Annual Congress.

You have to give COAAB at least 5 years of faithful membership, financial support of the COAAB and the Archbishop, attendance at COAAB and etc before you can leave with your orders intact. We are not an ordination or paper mill.

COAAB is available to assist you in establishing and setting up your reformation/Communion. Contact us for more information on the process.

COAAB is available to do on-site seminars, episcopal training, clergy formation as well as leadership training and development.

We can bring to your ministry the training we do at the COAAB Annual Congress. We believe in excellence in the episcopal ministry. We believe in providing good, quality and historical information to help develop bishops.

COAAB is about training bishops who desire a greater knowledge of the episcopacy. How to function as bishops? How to handle episcopal protocol? How to function during the liturgy? And so much more...

Email us at for more information. Tell us your needs and let us tailor a program to help develop your bishops and candidates for the bishopric.

The program will consist of on-site teaching as well as manuals for each bishop being trained. The cost of materials will be included in cost.

The Institute of

Convergence Studies

The Institute of Convergence Studies offers certificates programs in the following areas Episcopal Formation, Presbyterial Formation and Diaconal Formation. We are also developing programs in the areas of Liturgy and Canon Law.

Our Courses are not a profit making venture for the Congress. They are design to bless you and your Church, Communion, or Reformation and enhance your ministry.

Classes are online through a link that we will provide once you have registered for the course. Episcopal Formation Classes are $100 a month now. Done via an  online Facebook group.

Students who complete the course work, submit the projects and tests and successfully pass will be awarded a Certificate for the Course taken.

The Episcopacy Class at the

2014 COAAB Annual Congress

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