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Episcopal Formation Program

Welcome to Episcopal Formation!

Please fill how the form below to register for the Episcopal Formation Class. Make sure to answer the affirmations on the application. Classes starts start soon. You can work at your own pace as long as the assignments are completed before the session ends. There will be some skype sessions so skype will be needed for interaction or Sessions done by way of the Episcopal Formation Group.

This course is require to be consecrated through the COAAB Congress. The cost of the course includes Book(s) and access to the course online $200. Those who complete the course will receive Certificate of Completion acknowledging that you completed the Episcopal Formation Course.

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Institute of Convergence Studies Inc

School of the Episcopacy

Registration Form for the 2021 Episcopal Formation Class

To take this course, your must complete the form below and submit the fee via the Square link below. Once your form and payment have cleared, you will be given access to the course and the books sent to you.

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I am registering for the 2021 Episcopal Formation Class*

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I understand that this class does not guarantee consecration *

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By registering for this class I understand and agree with the Congress Concordat as found on this site*

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Use the Link to the right to pay for the course

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