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Week 8 - Episcopal Formation Part 3

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This week we pick up from where we left off with in chapters 5 & 6 with a little review. We allow the review to bring us to chapters 7 [The function of the Bishop] and 8 [Apostolic Succession].

We will explain the "WORK" of the bishop as he functions as the pastor of the people of God in a certain area.

We will again review "apostolic succession" and continuity. We will give reasons why succession is not an issue for most outside of Anglicanism, Rome, and Orthodoxy. And show why it has no value unless you are trying to be convergence. 

The slide show is an Anglican piece that is interesting as it relates to the bishopric and fits in with this lesson this week. Once you click on the link, click play (>) and read the slides.

Scripture Readings

2 Timothy 4:1-8

1 Peter 5:1-5

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