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This page is for the benefit of COAAB members who wish to bring their leaders to COAAB and have them participate in the classes and training sessions during the event.

++Archbishop Henry


Please state the title in Front of their Name, if they are clergy.

Fellowship Name*

Presider's Name*

1. Name

2. Name

3. Name

4. Name

5. Name

6. Name

7. Name

8. Name

9. Name

10. Name

I understand that I am submitting funds for the above persons at $50 a person. I also understand that this is not officially process until the registration fee as been submitted*

Select an option

Any additional information you need us to know?

Use the general fund link on the donate page, to submit the registration.

Multiply the number of Leaders by $50 and submit that amount.

Example 3 x $50 = $150

Christian Life Cathedral Ministries Inc

2962 Ember Drive, Suite 109

Rear of Building 1

Decatur, Georgia

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