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Church History Overview

Part 1

Class Objectives and Focus

- This week we will give a brief historical overview of the Church

- We look at the Various periods in Church History and cause the most change in the Church

- We will look at the Reformation and Continuity

- We will examine how this plays into Apostolic Succession

- We will look at some of the major theological battles of the Church

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Week 5 -

Church History Overview

Class Notes

Assignment for the Week

Read Revelation chapters 1 through 3

Answer the following:

What is Continuity? Do churches birth at the time of the Reformation have continuity with Rome and Orthodox? Explain your answers.

What does Continuity have to do with Apostolic Succession?

What are the periods of church history with a brief explanation of each?

Who are the Anti-Nicaean fathers?

Who is Eusebius?

What is Apostolicae Curae?

What are the main branches of Protestantism?

What is convergence?

How does church History compare to Revelation chapters 2 & 3?

What is Baptist Succession?

What called the council of Nicaea? Who presided over the Council? Why was it called?

How many councils of the undivided church was called? Give the reason for each one. Who called it? Who presided over the council?

Which Council resolve the controversy around the celebration of Easter?

Which councils gave us the Nicene Creed? And which council gave us its current format?

Who were the Anglican Divines? Why are they important?

Who introduce the concept of a purely symbolic communion?

Who introduce what we believe to be the biblical concept of a Communion that was both Symbolic and Spiritual that became to be known among Calvinists and Anglicans, Methodists and others as the Real Spiritual Presence?

Who is credited as being the Father of the Reformation by the fact of nailing the 95 theses on the Wittenburg Church in Germany on October 31, 1517?

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