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Office of Ministerial Development

2021 Episcopal Formation Program

We offer an episcopal formation program for those who are interested in the episcopacy and obtaining authentic episcopal orders through us. The 2021 Program covers the Episcopal Formation and other books written by Archbishop Henry and other books that candidates will be expected to obtain.

Our course of Study is structured so that one will have a working knowledge of the subject matter presented in the course. So that the candidate for the episcopacy will be equip for ministry.

In order to be consecrated by us, each candidate will be evaluated on their past ministerial experience, educational level and on the following subjects: Holy Scriptures, Sacramental Theology, The Episcopacy, Moral Theology, Liturgy, Church Polity, The Three Catholic Creeds, The 1st Seven Ecumenical Councils, Canon Law, The 39th Articles, and Convergence Theology.

The courses will involve course work, direct studies course work and assignments. The Consecration shall take place at the discretion of the Congress President and the Vicar of Ministerial Development and may happen before the course work is completed.

Each candidate shall submit an Application to be admitted into our Formation Program. They shall sign a Commitment for Study as well as other forms that shall be required before one is enrolled into the program. The non-refundable application fee is payable at the start of the session. There is a garment fee of $150 that will cover Albs, Stole and Chasuble. The garment fee is payable by June 1st. The alb may have to be altered. You are responsible for your pectoral cross and ring (They can be obtain through Mercy Robes). All coursework will be done online and submitted online. There will be a Certificate of Completion/Diploma given at the end of the Formation Program.

Applications and Forms

Use the donate button below to submit your application fee

Use button below to pay for your garments (if you already have the Alb, Stole and Chasuble you do not have to pay this fee)

Click the Link Below to Access the School

2021 Episcopal Formation Program

You will need the user name and password to access the school.

Program Structure

All the programs below may not be offered.

Potential Episcopal candidates should be proficient in their knowledge of:

a) The Holy Scriptures

b) Church History

c) Dogmatic Theology -- is that part of theology which treats of the theoretical truths of faith concerning God and His works

d) Sacramental Theology -- In Roman Catholicism and some other Christian groups, sacramental theology is the belief that God provides grace to humankind through certain external acts that have been instituted by Christ. The word sacrament itself comes from the Latin meaning "that which produces holiness."

e) Practical Theology -- is the practical application of theology to everyday life

f) Christian Ethics / Moral theology -- has for its subject-matter the practical truths of morality

g) Liturgy -- is the academic discipline dedicated to the study of liturgy.

h) Pastoral Care

i) Parish Administration

j) Missions

k) Homiletics

l) Ecclesiastical Polity

There should be a working knowledge of each of the following:

a) The Three Catholic Creeds: The faith they proclaim in their original and historic meaning.

i) The Apostle's Creed

ii) The Nicene Creed

iii) The Athanasian Creed

b) An understanding of the 1st seven Ecumenical councils.

c) The Anglican 39 articles of Religion

d) Convergence Theology (for those into convergence)

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