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Week 10 - Episcopal Formation Chapters 11

Week 10 - Video 1

Week 10 - Video 2

Week 10 - Video 3

Week 10 - Slideshow - Symbols of the Episcopacy

1. COAAB SEAL 2. Succession cord 3. Diagram of a bishop in Anglican Vestments 4. Bishop wearing mitre with crozier 5, 6, & 7 Birettas 8. Acolytes in Surplice and Cassocks 9. Bishop in Choir with stole and crozier 10. Lutheran Bishop wearing a Synodal Pectoral Cross

Week 10 - Part 5

The Lesson Objectives

This week we look at chapters 11. We are going to acquaint you with the various symbols of the episcopacy. We will have a slideshow with an audio to explain what you are seeing in the slideshow. We will have other material that you can print out from various sources that will provide information on the various symbols as well.

We will also highlight Episcopal Protocol and discuss the usages of Your Grace and other honorifics.

Additional Materials

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