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Programs are not available yet. Those who are previous participants in the former course will be provided access to the former course once the portal is updated completely. Thanks for your patience.

St Thomas the Apostle

Institute of Convergence Studies, Inc.

School of the Episcopacy

A part of the educational program of the COAAB Annual Congress and Christian Life Cathedral Ministries Inc.

Episcopal Formation Doctoral Program

The Episcopal Formation Doctoral Program is a non-accredited degree program of COAAB and The Episcopal Training Institute. This program is completed at your own pace and once you have successfully completed the program, you will be awarded the degree of

Doctor of Episcopal Ministry.

The Course is an expanded collegiate version of our Episcopal Formation Course. Participants in this course should be Episcopates. Registrants for this course will be required to attend MIDTERM as well as the COAAB Annual Congress as part of this course material.

Most of the classes are online with videos. The Syllabuses with classwork and assignments will be provided via surface mail. There will be live webinars and on-site Practicums!

Each section of the program will be $300 (plus cost of the Syllabus) and can be done over a 1 to 2 year period depending on your pace of study. This course will feature a small graduation program during either MIDTERM or the ANNUAL Congress for those completing the program where they will be hooded and receive their degree while in Cap and Gown. Cap, Gown, and Hood provided at cost to the graduate.

Basic Theology: Holy Scriptures, Sacramental Theology, Catholicity, and The Liturgy & the Bishop

History and Ecclesial Theology: Church History from the Apostolic Church to the Modern Era, The Historical Office of Pastor, Ecclesiastical Polity, The Teaching Office (Exegesis, Eisegesis, & Apologetics), Convergence

Episcopal Formation Part 1: An In-depth look at the Episcopacy in the Ancient Church through the Reformation

Episcopal Formation Part 2: An In-depth look at the Episcopacy in the Ancient Church through the Reformation

The Pentecostal Episcopacy: A look at the Wesleyan Episcopacy as adopted by Pentecostal Bishops

After the Consecration: Doing the Work of the Bishop, The Pontificals, and the Episcopal Services

The Pentecostal Episcopacy Certificate Program

The Certificate Program for Pentecostal Episcopacy is an episcopal formation course to the bishopric for $250.

There is no need to take the certificate program if you plan to pursue the doctoral program for Episcopal Formation/D.E.Th. This course is geared solely towards those who are a part of the Pentecostal Episcopacy.

To enroll in the Pentecostal Episcopacy Certificate Program click below

Thomas Henry School of Preaching

Pastoral Formation Certificate Program

This Pastoral Formation Certificate Program is for those preparing for the Diaconal Ministry, Elders, and Pastoral Ministries.

Licensed Lay Ministers Program

This program is geared towards the Licensed Lay Ministers to prepare them for the work of the ministry by giving them a proper foundation in various disciplines that are needed for their spiritual formation.

These programs are offered as a ministry of St Thomas the Apostle Institute of Convergence Studies, The COAAB Annual Congress, and the Christian Life Cathedral Ministries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Episcopal Formation: The Making of a Bishop, Episcopal Formation: The Second Edition, The Pentecostal Episcopacy, and Pastoral Formation are all works of Archbishop Henry and Henrypedia LLC.

Under federal law, a 1974 judgement accepted expert opinion that an "Honorary Doctor of Divinity is a strictly religious title with no academic standing. Such titles may be issued by bona fide churches and religious denominations so long as their issuance is limited to a course of instruction in the principles of the church or religious denomination".

Universal Life Church, Inc. v. United States, 372 F.Supp. 770 (E.D. Cal. 1 March 1974).

Schools can issue non-credited degrees as long as they differ in style from their accredited counterparts.

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