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Week 4 - The Liturgy and The Bishop

Objectives and Focus

This week we will look at the Liturgy and the role of the Bishop as it relates to the Liturgy. We will examine this from a Biblical and Historical point of view. We will examine what a few of the church fathers said about the role of the bishop.

This class should help the student realize the importance of the bishop in the life of the church and as chief worship leader in his diocese. Students will understand the role of the bishop as the regulator of the sacraments.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Week 4 Lesson

Notes and Outline

Reading Assignment and Questions

Scripture Reading for this Week

1 Tim 3:1-7

1 Cor 14

1 Tim 5:17

Homework Assignment

What does the word Liturgy mean?

What does the word WORSHIP means?

Who has a primary presidency over the Eucharist?

When did the Levitical understanding of ministry creep into the church?

What is the primary focus of the Bishop preaching office?

What is the Bishop’s Church called and where does it gets it name?

What are the main symbols of the office of the Bishop?

Who wears the pallium?

What is vestments?

What is civic attire?

What is choir dress?

What is sacramental or celebration attire?

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