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Apostolic Directives

To make for a Sacred and Orderly occasion we institute the following directive for the Congress.

1. All clerics will be in civic attire or business casual for all sessions. Deacons and Elders will wear black shirts and the appropriate cords and cross. Bishops and Apostles are permitted to wear the purple or scarlet shirts with cross and chain of precious metal. No other color Shirts will be permitted. Your shoes and socks should be BLACK. No Exceptions. We want to show forth excellence!

2. Wednesday Opening Service. All are asked to be in Black Civic Attire, NO COLOR SHIRTS please. Communion will be served and the celebrants at the Altar will simply wear the Priest STOLE and the deacons will wear their deacon stole.

3. No Zucchettos unless there is a dispensation granted.

4. All delegates should wear their badges during the Thursday and Friday sessions, so that others may be able to address them by name when meeting them.

5. All delegates are asked to be present before chapel starts. The sessions will start on time this year and each breakout session will start and end on time as well this year so that each delegate may get the full Congress experience. Presenters this will be strictly enforce.

6. Any presider wishing to use a room during a time the Congress is not using them to meet with their people; please notify the Congress Coordinator for more information.

7. All will be in Eucharistic attire for the Friday Eucharist. If you do not have a RED chasuble, then please wear your choir vestments. Which at a minimum should be a CASSOCK, SURPLICE/ROCHET, STOLE/BLACK TIPPET AND PECTORAL CROSS.

8. COMMUNION is done by intinction. We practice a semi-open table which mean that you have to be baptize and respect our unique testimony of Faith - Christ is truly "Spiritually Presence" in this Sacrament and received by Faith with thanksgiving.

Any other instructions as it relates to the Congress will be found in your Congress Syllabus.

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