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Three Streams - ONE River

Our Statement of Mission

The WORK of the Congress is focus on the following areas:

- To further the reach of the Kingdom of God by preaching the Gospel of Christ and celebration of the sacraments of our redemption;

- To provide for unity and accountability for apostles and bishops;

- To serve as an ecumenical alliance, an ecumenical council, and synod of bishops and apostles based on the Acts 15 model;

- To educate and train Apostles, Bishops, clerics and laity to serve in the body of Christ with excellence with a focus on the apostolic, the episcopacy, administration, liturgy and other sacred disciplines;

- To sanction and recognize ministries, communions and reformations and to provide for the ordination and consecration of those who matriculate through its ordination program;

- To speak as a prophetic and apostolic collective voice to the church and the world;

- To act collaboratively and consistently on vital issues confronting the Church and society;

- To foster communion with the Church in other nations, within the Church universal, under the leadership of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ based on a conciliar model;

- To offer appropriate assistance to each bishop in fulfilling his particular ministry in the local Church;

- To be a full service resource center for the churches and clergy that have membership in this august synod of believers;

- To do the work of an evangelist and to expand in the area of social services and missionary outreach;

- To be a living, full and visible working expression of the Body of Christ - The One, Holy, Catholic (Universal) and Apostolic Church.

Please Note

Membership in this Congress is ONLY available to those who meet our membership standards. Being a delegate to the annual congress is not the same as being a member of this institution.

The Disclaimer

Attendance at this Congress does not equal an endorsement nor does it mean that the Congress agrees totally with you or your doctrinal standpoints. All members are required to agree with the Concordat and the Congress doctrinal positions.

Being a delegate is not the same as being a member of this institution.

All registrations are non-refundable!


The Congress of Apostles and Bishops is bringing ORDER, INTEGRITY, and ACCOUNT-ABILITY back into the church. Join us this year in September as we work to change the FACE of Pentecostal Christianity by bringing order in the midst of chaos.

C.O.A.A.B. works to foster relationship between its members by encouraging its members to fellowship with C.O.A.A.B. members in their area.

C.O.A.A.B. is a reformed catholic institution confessing the faith in the ONE Triune God, confessing two Catholic Creeds, Sacraments that communicate grace, The Bible of the Old and New Testament to be the word of God and contain all things necessary unto salvation, we confess 4 councils and the Christological formations of the last 3 as far as they are agreeable with Holy Writ.

We are NOT Roman, Anglican or Orthodox. We are, however, a Living Expression of the Church Universal.

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