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September 21 - 24, 2016

Atlanta, Georgia

Join us in Atlanta for the 2016 Congress


The sessions for the 2016 Congress are:

The Bishopric: The Source of Unity - Holy Communion, The Office of Bishop, No More Schism in the Church

Hermeneutics: The Science of the Interpretation of Scripture - The Principles of Hermeneutics, Being Hermeneutically correct and sound while preaching, and being hermeneutically off.

Ceremonial of Bishops II - Deals with the various ceremonies involved with the Episcopacy, writing of missives and other particulars involving the office of the bishop

Mid-Wives in Ministry -Will deal with Women's in Ministry. This is a women only session.

Breakout Classes being offered are:

  • Church History
  • Church Structure
  • Episcopal Assistants
  • Liturgy IV - Call to worship, Hymnology, Psalms, Graduals and Antiphons

Congress Protocol

For the opening night Ecumenical Prayer Service:

On the opening night all will dress in civic attire for the Evening Prayer Service. Black clerical shirts only. Those participating on the program will be vested in Choir according to their church usage. Congress members who are on the program will be in Cassock, Surplice and Liturgical Stole for the Service

For the Sessions:

All clerics should note that civic attire should be black suit, clerical shirt (color depends on your office), black shoes and shoes and pectoral. A dark suit or grey suit is permissible as well.

During the Sessions, name badges should be worn at all times.

Please limit the color of Shirts to Purple/Fuchsia, Red/Scarlet, White and Black.

For the Consecration of Bishops on Friday the following will be observed

Bishops/Apostles should be in a Red chasuble (which can be secured from, item #JT387 or item #JT385) with matching stole, Alb #KS006 or #TS664 on Autom (in place of the Alb you can wear the Rochet and Cassock), and the Pectoral Cross. Only the black suit and shoes should be worn when vested in Eucharistic Vestments.

Presbyters/Elders should be vested in Black Cassock, Surplice, Black cord and Cross, tippet/stole.

Deacons/License Ministers and non-ordained four-fold ministry should vest in Black Cassock,Surplice and deacon stole or Alb and Deacon Stole.

Communion will be served.

Saturday Closing Liturgy the following protocol will be observed:

Choir Dress - Cassock, Surplice Pectoral Cross and stole/tippet.

For the Congress - Choir dress at a minimum will be Cassock (the color of your office), Surplice, Red stole/tippet and Pectoral.

Communion will be served.

Congress Venue/Hotel

Best Western Plus Atlanta Airport East

301 North Central Avenue

Hapeville , GA 30354

The Hotel is north of the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport

Hotel Booking Information

Block Code: COAAB

Call 404-763-8777

to Reserve your Room

Queen bed rooms $105 a night

King Bed Room $92 a night

The Hotel rates does not included tax. Taxes will be added by the Hotel.


COUPLES Registration $200

The Annual Session is open to all Apostles, Bishops, Clergy, and Laity.

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